Daily Bible Readings for Home Devotions; May 25-30, ’20.


Mon Acts 1:9-11

We memorialize the day when Jesus was taken up from the Earth. Who took Him? The heavenly Father, who made the call to close down Jesus’ earthly mission and get Him back to where He
had left off 33 years earlier. Next, when the timing is right, Jesus will return to be in charge of the proceedings on Judgment Day. Lord Jesus, speed the day!


Tues John 17:1-11a

Here we are standing on the sidelines, eaves-dropping on Jesus speaking to His Father about His mission on planet Earth cycling down to the grand finale (1-5). In a few hours Jesus will be hanging on the cross, bleeding His life away for our salvation Note: Jesus is more concerned about His disciples than He is about Himself. Their future depended on remember- ing the words He had given them—the words on which we depend, too.

Wed 1 Peter 4:12-17

God’s children are different, which seems to irritate non-Christians—to the point of persecution. The plus side of persecution is that it proves we are partners with Jesus and on God’s side. We are law- abiding and don’t engage in civil disobedience; if that makes us unpopular, so be it! We rest our case with the highest court (16-17).

Thurs Psalm 8

We have reasons aplenty to praise our heavenly Father, telling Him, “How great Thou art!” (1-2). Although we amount to very little as earth-born creatures, and we shrink before the immensity of God’s Universe (3), God has bestowed special honors on the human race (4-5) and entrusted special responsibilities to us on planet Earth (6-8). Let us join our hearts and voices with the heavenly host in praising God! Praise the Lord!

Fri John 17:11b-19

God vindicates His name (His reputation) as our heavenly Father (11) by bonding us together with Jesus (12). Note: The name of God and the Word of God are inseparable; that’s how Jesus puts it: “Keep them through Your name” (11) and “I have given them Your Word” (14). God favors us with experiences that show we are not of the world; we keep close to God via His Word (17), and Jesus is on duty for us (18-19).

Sat Acts 11:11-18

Jewish Christians (in the early days of the New Testament Church) were quite sure that God loved Jews above everyone else and despised the rest of humanity, so they were affronted when Peter reached out to Gentiles, shared God’s Word with them, and accepted them into fellowship. Peter had to set them straight, just as God had set him straight (5-10) that God sees all humans as lost souls, no matter what bodies they animate. And since all souls (both Jews and Gentiles) are headed for hell unless God intervenes, God loved them enough to intervene, redeem them from sin and hell, and rescue them. Praise God for such generosity!

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