Daily Bible Readings for Home Devotions; Oct. 26-31, ’20.

Monday Isaiah 25:6-9

This section of Scripture sounds like harvest time—and, of course, it is. God’s Harvest-Home is pictured in terms of prosperity for His people (6) as well as in removing the dreadful pall (7) of death from their future. [Here God also is previewing Easter and Judgment Day (8).] We join Isaiah’s people in being glad and rejoicing in His salvation (9), for we also look forward to that day in expectant faith. Praise God!

Tuesday Matthew 22:1-14

The first half of the parable informs us that God “took it personal” when He was insulted (Note: The Romans would destroy those murderers and burn up their city in A.D 70). God didn’t give up on humanity but scrounged the world and seated beggars at His table. Many are invited, few get seated, and cheating is not only insulting, but cheaters won’t be allowed into heaven (11-13).

Wednesday Philippians 4:3-13

We know some of those now seated in heaven (besides Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob) by the names of Clement, Tychicus, Timothy, Lucas, Jason, Sopater, Tertius, Erastus, Quintus, Mary, Julia – and the list goes on with twenty more named in Romans 16:7-15. See you there!

Thursday Psalm 23

On Good Shepherd Sunday we find ourselves pictured in the metaphor of sheep. I enjoy being a sheep under the care of Jesus, ambling along through the meadows of life, sipping at placid pools, and staying close to my Shepherd. He protects me from Satan when I step into the valley of death, and I look forward to being seated at His table. Since my entire life is in His capable hands, I can relax. Forever. Period.

Friday Matthew 22:15-33

After some flattery(15-16), these professional cheaters dropped a bomb (17). Since God’s rules for Jewish social life had long ago expired (as everyone knew), Jesus’ view is pragmatic: Don’t act as if it’s an insult to God when you pay taxes to the Roman government (18-21). Next, Jesus used a Bible passage to clarify that death does not equate with annihilation, for persons DO survive the grave and are currently living the good life with God in heaven.

Saturday Acts 18:1-16

Besides having faithful friends, a good job, and a place to live, Paul had been well prepared and equipped to share God’s Word about Jesus as Messiah/Savior – and when Satan muscled in (1-6), God parlayed events into larger successes (7-11). Further, when Satan tried to sabotage Paul’s gospel outreach, God thwarted that plot, too. Sometimes things get complicated while God is sorting them out. Stay tuned.

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